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Anchovies Wholesale

Anchovies Wholesale

On the hunt for the tastiest, premium-grade anchovies wholesale for your cafe or restaurant? Our brand of choice is Rizzoli, a name that has truly stood the test of time. For over 100 years, Rizzoli has successfully maintained their company’s incredible reputation by focussing on quality and authentic flavour. Every step in the process from the fishing, to the handling and preservation of goods is carried out with utmost care. And of course, there’s research behind the flavours in every tin to maintain the traditional taste that has become familiar and loved across the world.

Derived from Mediterranean waters, these anchovy fillets go through a six-month maturation period before being preserved in tins and jars in only the highest quality variety of oils. The oil doesn’t solidify, which makes them safe to refrigerate once opened. Rizzoli anchovy fillets are convenient, delicious, and are a highly versatile addition to your kitchen. Some of our favourite dishes are:

  • Smooth and indulgent anchovy butter to drizzle on a nice fatty piece of fish, paired with a fresh, Summery salad.
  • A Simple pasta incorporating strong flavours like garlic, capers, fresh parsley and parmesan for a powerful punch.
  • Basil and anchovy pan sauce to serve with a succulent chicken breast and homestyle potatoes.
  • The classic Caesar Salad, topped off with whole or chopped anchovy fillets for that salty punch that balances out the creamy and fresh flavours.

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your stock, diversify the flavours on your menu, or simply narrow down your stockists for a one-stop-shop, Complete Food Services Adelaide have you covered. The anchovies wholesale we supply are undoubtedly the best on the market, and there’s a huge range of products in our catalogue that make the perfect pairing. This includes fresh farm and dairy, dry stores like pasta and flour, delicious Italian beverages, cured meats, homestyle sauces and more. Start browsing and place your order today!

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