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Good Food Distributors

Good Food Distributors

It’s no secret that good food distributors that tick all the boxes can be hard to come by, and with the expenses already associated with running a business in the hospitality field, it’s a risky game trialling new suppliers week in and week out to find one that suits you.

Our point of difference at Complete Food Services is that we’re just as passionate about food as you are. So, we empathise with the struggles of finding quality products and service all in one. As a result, we have designed our business model around these key components to place us first in the league of good food distributors here in Adelaide.

One stop shop: Minimise the fuss and choose a supplier that can offer a broad range of essential goods to keep logistics simple. True to the name, Complete food services offers a spectacular selection of dairy products, dry store, canned fruits & vegetables, homestyle sauces, cured meats and more.

Simple ordering options: Search through our catalogue and simply order online, or give us a call to place your order over the phone. Our digital catalogue enables you to directly find the item you need, while introducing products from other categories to broaden your contemporary and traditional-flavour horizons.

Fast delivery: Delivery straight to your door is what every business in the hospitality industry needs. Convenience now lies at the forefront of our society, so don’t waste your time clocking up kms and trust in fast, on-time delivery that promises to maintain the quality of your order.

Another quality that has placed us at the forefront of good food distributors is our exclusivity—offering a range of imported specialty goods to introduce some of the rich and indulgent flavours that Italy is best known for. Quality over quantity is an ethos many Italians stand by that we have also adopted in our practice. So, you can rest-assured knowing that our chosen brands are the best in the business.

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