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Olives Wholesalers

Take your antipasto to the next level with premium deli meats, indulgent cheeses, juicy olives wholesale and more from CFS Adelaide.

Traditionally, antipasto platters are served as an entree; deriving from the Latin word antepast which translates to ‘before the meal’. However, sometimes all your customers crave is a selection of their favourite foods in the form of a slow, indulgent feast with a full-bodied glass of wine that facilitates more breathing room for good conversation with friends. It’s simplicity that sells, which is why we recommend choosing quality over quantity when it comes to piecing together the perfect platter.

Here at Complete Food Services Adelaide, we have shelves absolutely loaded with everything you need—ranging from dry stores and dairy products to delicious olives wholesale. Ordering has never been easier, with a full product catalogue available for you to browse through, a simple online ordering system and fast delivery straight to your door.

So, what does it take to create the ideal antipasto platter? You need a selection that’s going to be hitting that palate left right and centre, with a nice combination of textures too. We’re talking a good balance between sweet, salty, crunchy, soft, fresh and fatty. We also know people eat with their eyes, so having a mix of colours on display is bound to get people posting those Instagram-worthy shots that get your name out on the street. Lastly, carbs are essential to create a filling feed!

For the cheese: A soft Brie from Udder Delights and the crumbly, sharp Parmigiano Reggiano from Scalabrini for contrast.

For the meats: Delicious aged prosciutto from Leporati and our Mediterranean anchovy fillets, preserved in premium-grade Italian olive oil blends by Rizzoli.

For the fatty: Olives wholesale by Kontessa for their rich flavour, accompanied by a selection of their delicious nuts for added crunch.

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