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Easy Cleaning Co was born with the concept of bringing the best quality product to you and the end consumer. We visit our supplier facilities to make sure their products are of the highest standard. The product is benchmarked and tested by focus groups against major competitors. If we don’t have good results, we don’t release the product.

We have an office in europe that has direct access to all brands to ensure the accreidentations of each product in each country and due to our volume we are able to secure first grade products

We ensure the compliance meets the Australian standards. It won’t be imported unless everything is above board.

Concentrated Sink Dishwashing Liquid – Apple

Automatic Machine Detergent

Automatic Dishwashing Powder


Caustic Soda


Food Sanitiser

Auto Glass Washing Liquid

HDC (Heavy Duty Cleaner)

Laundry Liquid

Concentrated Sink Dishwashing Liquid – Lemon

Industrial Strength Lemon Disinfectant

Liquid Hand Soap

Methylated Spirits


Oven and Grill Cleaner

Industrial Strength Pine Disinfectant

Rinse Aid Rinsing and Drying Agent

Hand Sanitiser Gel

Stainless Steel Oil

Window Cleaner

Wipeout Solvent Cleaner

Floor Cleaner