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Buy Bulk Alcohol

Buy Bulk Alcohol

Bulk buy alcohol along with all your dairy, dry-store and specialty items from your reliable local wholesaler: Complete Food Services Adelaide.

Trying to think of new ideas to give you a cutting edge in the hospitality field? Why not try our authentic range of Italian alcoholic beverages. Exclusively imported, our selection has been refined to deliver a traditional Italian taste

Virgo Campania Wines – With grapes sustainably picked from the vines of Campania, our selection of both red and white wines make a luxurious pairing for any meal served. For example, the delicious Virgo Campania Greco IGT. Some of the classic flavours that derive from these high vineyards include cedar, honey, jasmine and green apple for a refreshing, yet lasting taste on the tongue. This particular selection is best paired with a creamy risotto, or strong-flavours like smoked meats and cheese.

Portofino Gin – If you haven’t heard of our Portofino Gin,  prepare to be whisked away to the setting of an Italian cafe terrace where the air is fresh, the music is vibrant, and every moment is savoured in each sip. Each bottle contains 21 aromatic ingredients, including a range of botanicals that have been carefully picked from the vibrant hills of Portofino. The result is a refreshing, flavourful gin that completes a range of house-favourite cocktails.

The brand embodies the concept of pleasure and understated beauty, which makes it a perfect addition if you’re in the market to bulk buy alcohol that will amplify the culinary experience.

Mardevia Liquori – The company was founded in 2017 by three young men who are passionate about retaining classic flavours, while taking an innovative step forward in the field. Every bottle contains a personality that takes you on a journey through the flavour-profile wrapped in each bottle. Known as the ‘fatigue reliever’, the Mastro Pepe we have available for order is a rich and indulgent post-dinner beverage that introduces notes of mint, star anise, and blood orange. Bring something different to the table for your guests!

Bulk buy alcohol from CFS Adelaide for a true taste of Italy’s finest.

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