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Vinegar is a versatile condiment that doesn’t only mean balsamic. It can be acidic or sweet; the only constant comes from its core ingredient: good grapes or specific apple varieties. While acidic white and red wine vinegars are made by aging white and red wine, sweeter Aceto Balsamico di Modena with an IGP or DOP distinction is made by aging grape must, crushed grape juice made from designated local grapes that is slowly boiled until it reaches half of its original volume. The must is aged in a series of wood casks of varying sizes for a minimum of three years to achieve its IGP status and a minimum of 12 years to be DOP. The result is a glossy and dark syrup that can be drizzled over Parmigiano Reggiano, meat, and even gelato.

Our full range of local, national, and overseas vinegars are the result of our attachment to quality, tradition and our invariable consideration for market challenges and trends. We have everything from local white wine vinegar to candied balsamic, apple cider made the right way with the “mother” to the royalty of vinegar aged balsamic from Reggio Emilia, www.acetaiasangiacomo.com

Our suppliers of use clean sustainable energy to benefit future generations. Our commitment to quality can be easily seen through our supply partners constant perseverance in research, selection of raw materials and in creating and collaborating with a skilled motivated team. The achievements have also been confirmed by Quality Certifications that they must all provide us.

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