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Seafood Wholesale Adelaide

Seafood Wholesale Adelaide

Complete Food Services is happy to provide Australians with wholesale seafood! We carry a broad range of products, from locally caught seafood to imported preserves. From prawns to salmon, our suppliers have been carefully selected to bring you the best of the best when it comes to seafood.

CFS is owned and operated in Adelaide, Australia, with a focus on sustainability in the wholesale market.

Wholesale Seafood in Adelaide

Australia is crazy about seafood, which is why Complete Food Services focuses on providing fresh, high-quality seafood to you in Adelaide at wholesale pricing. For restaurant-quality seafood, you can trust us to deliver locally caught seafood that will diversify your meals and provide top-notch nourishment.

Excellent seafood can be expensive and inaccessible for some, but CFS sources local seafood to deliver seafood products to Australian dinner tables for meals packed with protein and the unique flavors of the ocean.

Our product line includes local prawns, scrumptious salmon, and barramundi. You don’t need to own a fishing pole to bring Australian seafood to your table when you collaborate with us on your seafood needs.

Bringing You The Best Imports – A Focus on Rizzoli

Complete Food Services strives to bring Australians imported and specialty foods that they would otherwise not have sufficient access to. As part of these efforts, we bring you Italian products directly from Italy, where the culture of food dates back hundreds of years.

We carry Rizzoli, an Italian brand that has been in operation since the late 1800s. Our Rizzoli line is a diverse and comprehensive display of processed fish preserves. This Italian food staple traditionally consists of fish fillets in oils or sauces. Rizzoli products can be used in sandwiches, on pizza, with eggs, and in many other dishes.

CFS is proud to feature Rizzoli products to those in Adelaide and surrounding areas in Australia. Making difficult-to-access products accessible for Australians is important to us!

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