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Mardevia Liquori

January 24, 2023

Mardevia Liquori Mastro Peppe

Di Carlo

September 14, 2022

Di Carlo A unique blend of extra virgin oils, obtained from olives harvested and pressed in the European Union. Distinguishing features: a fragrant and delicate taste, sweet and harmonious character, with hints of fresh tomato. Di Carlo Evo Oil – Brik

De Luca Pasta

August 10, 2022

De Luca Pasta The ancient tradition of good Abruzzese pasta started in Picciano, an enchanting village between the declining hills of the Gran Sasso of Italy to the Adriatic Sea, continued in the family De Luca through the descendants VINCENZO and ANTONIO, their children and their grandchildren until today. From 1900 to today, the company [...]


August 10, 2022

Kontessa Kontessa was born with the concept of bringing the best quality product to you and the end consumer. We visit our supplier facilities to make sure their products are of the highest standard. The product is benchmarked and tested by focus groups against major competitors. If we don't have good results, we don't release [...]


August 9, 2022

Rizzoli Rizzoli Emanuelli has an ancestor, Tosi & Rizzoli: the latter opens in 1871 in Piedmont, in a city that at the time is Italian leader in the processing of fish preserves. Turin is located on the ancient Salt Road that connects it with the Port of Genoa, where the oily fish packed in wooden [...]


August 9, 2022

Scalabrini Scalrini’s production of Parmigiano Reggiano follows the same production method used for over 1000 years, a tradition that is sanctioned and rigorously verified by the Consortium for the Protection of Parmigiano Reggiano. Scalabrini personally supervise the entire production chain, taking care of the working of the land, of the cattle farming, of the milk [...]


August 9, 2022

Leporati The passion to be a butcher is something that Nello Leporati has been cultivating since his youth. He used to go from village to village slaughtering pigs, which once were homebred, and prepare the various cuts of meat, particularly hams. Prosciutto Crudo Leporati Leporati dry-cured ham, matured at least 12 months, is made with [...]


August 9, 2022

Vignola There’s a long history at the basis of Vignola quality. A history of passion and values. The tradition of a family who has supported nature to draw the best for five generations. Everything began in 1880, when Giovanni Vignola undertook, in an ancient mill, the processing of rice and grains, typical products of the [...]


August 9, 2022

Pallini 140 years of tradition and quality Pallini is one of Rome's oldest and most important companies in the drink industry. The company is mostly known in Italy for Mistrà and the fruit syrups. Established in 1875 from Nicola Pallini in Antrodoco, a small village in the center of Italy, it moved to Rome in [...]

Antiche Tradizioni Di Gragnano

August 1, 2022

Antiche Tradizioni Di Gragnano THE ARTISAN ITALIAN PASTA In love with our land, our traditions and our culture,we keep alive an art begun in 500, during the reign of Ferdinand II of Bourbon. ANCIENT TRADITIONS OF GRAGNANO With passion we take care of every detail of our production, proud to offer a pasta with centuries [...]
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